Various changes within the Sierra Sports Car Club have given way to a new, fun
and exciting event series!





The concept is simple... 4 SCCA scantioned Autocross events, 3 top lap times at Musselman Honda Circuit, 2 combined Monaco & Lemans top lap times at Autobahn Indoor Kart Track, and 1 drag race at Tucson Dragway!  Still confused?  Continue reading below for additional details on this exciting new event series!



As our club has done for years, we will hold a total of 6 SCCA Autocross events.  These events will all take place at the Sierra Vista Airport.  Each event will be conducted, run, and scored the same way we have done in the past.  Sierra Sports Car Club members wishing to participate in this years 4-3-2-1 challenge will be required to compete in at least 4 of these Autocross events throughout the year.  Your best 4 PAX point totals of the 6 events will count towards the challenge!

Track Time Events

We will hold 4  events at Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson, AZ.  These events will be entirely run by MHC.  As a SSCC member, you will receive a $40 discount off of MHC's standard price!  Anyone, member or not, is more than welcome to come join us for some fun short track racing at these events.  However, members wishing to qualify for the overall 4-3-2-1 challenge points championship will need to compete in at least 3 track time events.  If you want to compete in more, thats fine, but only your single best lap time from 3 of our separate events will count!  Click the "Track Map" above for more information about MHC.

Indoor Go-Karting

We will be hosting 3 indoor karting events at the new Autobahn Indoor Speedway in Tucson, AZ!  For anyone who hasn't been to a facility like this before, be warned...  It is highly addicting and extremely fun!  The Autobahn Indoor Speedway features 70,000 square feet of kart racing awesome, along with F1 inspired karts that can reach speeds of 50 mph.  The Tucson AIS has two separate tracks.  Track #1 is Monoco and Track #2 is Le Mans.  During our karting events, competitors will race wheel-to-wheel on both tracks.  Your best lap time from each track added together will count towards your 4-3-2-1 challenge points total.  These events are run and conducted by AIS, and their standard rates and fees apply to anyone wishing to race.  We are looking into possible Sierra Sports Car Club member discounts at AIS.  If you would like more information about AIS, click the "Autobahn" logo above.  Hope to see you there!

Drag Racing

The Sierra Sports Car Club is going Drag Racing!  We will be hosting 2 drag race events at the Tucson Dragway.  These events will take place during TD's regularly scheduled "Test & Tune" nights.  As is with the rest of our challenge races, these events will be completely run and controlled by TD.  Competitors will have to comply with all of the standard TD safety protocols and procedures.  Members wishing to compete for 4-3-2-1 series points will only have to attend one of the two drag race events.  Points will be awarded based on the fastest passes of the night, in combination with the total number of racers.  The fastest pass for the series will earn 1000 points and the slowest will earn 800 points.  All other competitors will earn points based on their overall best time.  Additional details about Tucson Dragway's "Test & Tune" events, along with pricing, can be found by clicking the "TD" logo above.

4-3-2-1 Challenge Points & Scoring

Getting excited?  We sure are!  By now you may be asking yourself, how is the points and overall scoring going to work for this new race series?  Well, here you go!  Listed below is a brief summary of how each event will be scored.  Please keep in mind that these scoring guidelines ONLY apply to club member wishing to compete for an overall points award.  Also, this is our first year attempting this, and we know the scoring system isn't perfect.  We plan to use this for our inaugural series, and fine tune it as we move forward next year.

SCCA SV Airport Autocross Events

This one is simple.  Each 4-3-2-1 Challenge Series competitor will be awarded points based on the current SCCA PAX Points System.  The top PAX time will earn 1000 points for that event.  Subsequent times will be awarded PAX points accordingly.  If your best 4 Autocross PAX points finishes are 950, 930, 850, and 920 then your points total for the Autocross portion of the challenge would be 3650.

Musselman Honda Circuit Track Time Events

Also going to keep it simple here.  Challenge Series competitors will be awarded points based on the current PAX Points System.  I know what some of you are saying... That's not fair!  We know that the PAX handicap system was designed for Autocross events, but we feel that the PAX system will transfer to these track time events as well.  Sure it won't be perfect, but this is the system we are going with for this first year.  As is with the Autocross events, track time event competitors will earn points based on their fastest recorded lap time at MHC.  Competitors MUST use an official MHC transponder to record their time.  We will not accept times from other 3rd party lap-timing software programs.  Your best single lap time from 3 seperate events will count towards your individual challeng series points total.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway Go-Kart Events

For these events, we are also going to go with the standard PAX points system.  Since these events are basically spec races, meaning everyone is driving the EXACT same car/kart, there is really no time handicap system needed.  Your reward from these events will come down to pure driver skill and technique.  All 4-3-2-1 Challenge Series competitors will run as if they were in the AM (A-Modified) SCCA class.  You will be running laps on both of the tracks at AIS.  Your best lap time from track #1 plus your best lap time from track #2 (At the same event) will be your combined time.  That time will be PAX'd and awarded standard PAX points based on AM.  You will need to compete in 2 of these events to qualify for the year end series points championship.

Tucson Dragway Drag Race Events

Here is where things get a bit tricky.  The only real "handicap" system for drag events is bracket racing.  Since these events will be held during TD's "Test & Tune" nights, we will not have the opprotunity to bracket race.  In case you care, bracket racing is a where 2 cars start at different times based on past ET's.  This, if done correctly, causes 2 completley different cars to break the beams at nearly the same time.  For this years Challenge Series, we will be going with a modified PAX points system.  Since only 1 drag race event is required to qualify for the series, competitors will submit an official TD time slip showing their fastest ET for that night's event.  Competitors are more than welcome to race in multiple "Test & Tune" events, but may only submit ONE time slip.  Once all the times have been sumbitted, competitors will earn point values between 1000 and 800.  The fastest time of ALL the submitted time slips will earn 1000 points.  The slowest will earn 800.  All the times inbetween will be awarded points by dividing up the remaining points between the remaining competitors.

Sierra Sports Car Club
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Sierra Sports Car Club
4-3-2-1 Challenge
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Sierra Sports Car Club
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2019 Pricing & Schedule

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Here is a basic Q&A section for our 4-3-2-1 Challenge.

Please feel free to email us with any other questions about this exciting new event series!

Q - "My car is not set up ideally for drag racing / track racing / autocross.  Will I be competitive?"

A - Two races are with spec go-karts.  The drag race is going to favor certain cars.  A track car will have a lousy autocross PAX index because it's most likley stripped.  An autocross car may not have a quick 1/4 mile time.  Long story short, we all have our challenges.  The goals are to expand your horizons in the world of Motorsports and most of all, HAVE FUN!  If you win, that's just bragging rights and a yet-to-be determined award.

Q - "Do I have to use the same car for all the Challenge events?"

A - Yes.  As mentioned above, there will be cars which have an advantage on a Autocross course.  There will be cars that have an advantage on the drag strip.  It's a mixed bag of auto-sport events, so pick your weapon wisely.

Q - "Does the vehicle I choose to use have to be my own?"  "Does it have to have 4 wheels?"

A - Yes and Yes.  Vehicle choice for Challenge Points Series competitors ONLY will be limited to a car you own....and yes, it must be a car.  Anyone who isn't interested in participating in the points series, feel free to bring whatever you want!  MHC will allow karts, cars, motorcycles, and sail racers.  Any other vehicle requirements fall on the facility where the event takes place.  SSCC, MHC, AIS, and TD all have their own safety and tech requirements.  It's your responsibility to know these requirements and abide by them accordingly.

Q - "What if I just want to do some of the events?"

A - Go for it!  The 4-3-2-1 Sierra Sports Car Club Challenge is just the frame work for people who want to go all-in and make the most of their membership discounts.  We will invite you to all of them and try to schedule enough to make it flexible.  We also want you to Autocross with us on the best surface in Arizona with a bunch of easygoing friends.  Not into indoor karting?  That's ok!

Q - "How's the 4-3-2-1 Challenge going to end?"

A - In December, we will see who has qualified for the challenge by completing the requisite 10 events and tally the best scores.  We will present 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.  In addition, you will have bragging rights for the upcoming year!  We are also looking in to a possible "cash buy-in" for next years Challenge Series.  Year end awards would be paid out in CA$H on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd percentage basis.  Standby for this possible addition to the 2019 Challenge Series!

Q - "Do I have to be a Sierra Sports Car Club member to participate in any of these new events?"

A - No.  Anyone is welcome to come join us at any of our annual events.  However, if you wish to participate in the 4-3-2-1 Points Series you will need to be a member.  SSCC Member will also receive discounted rates at the Autocross and Mussleman Honda Circut events.

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